Treatment of Meningitis, Treatment, Prevention

Treatment of Meningitis/Meningitis is inflammation of the meninges covering the brain. It is a pathological definition. The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) typically exhibits an elevated number of leucocytes (or a pleocytosis). In adults, >5 leucocytes/őľL is defined as elevated. Bacterial or viral meningitis is confirmed by the detection of a pathogen in the CSF. Bacterial meningitis may also be suggested by Read More …


Phantom Leg Syndrome Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Phantom Leg Syndrome Treatment

Phantom Leg Syndrome Treatment/Phantom Pain¬†is clinically defined as the perception of pain or discomfort in a¬†limb that no longer exists.¬†¬†Although PLP most commonly presents as a pathological sequelae in amputee patients, the underlying pathophysiology remains poorly understood. PLP can present along a wide clinical spectrum¬†and varying severity of symptoms.¬† The condition should be differentiated¬†from other related but separate clinical conditions, Read More …